Public safety - Identifying our employees

Our employees or contractors who have been hired to work on our behalf may contact you regarding a meter reading or other service issue.

If someone appears at your door stating that they are there on our behalf, ask to see the person's company-issued employee or contractor identification card. An authentic LG&E, KU or ODP identification card shows the company logo, the employee's name and color photograph on the front.

If you have any questions about the person's identity or reason for needing to enter your home, ask him or her to wait outside while you call us. We can verify that the person is working on our behalf and that they have a legitimate reason for needing to come inside your home. You should always call us for verification if you did not ask to have a representative visit you.

Our employees won't mind waiting while you make the call. Safety is a priority for us, and our employees want you to be safe.