Keeping our employees and your pets safe

a dog looking through an wrought iron fence

At LG&E and KU we make a concentrated effort to ensure our employees, anyone working on our behalf, our customers and the general public stay safe. Unfortunately, dog bites are a potential cause of injury to our meter readers and field technicians. That's why we train our field employees on how to prevent dog attacks.

We all love our pets and want to keep them safe, but even the friendliest dogs can become startled or upset – maybe even aggressive – when a stranger comes onto its owner's property. You can help LG&E and KU keep our employees – and your pet – safe by containing your dog away from the meter on reading days, or when work is scheduled on your property.

To find out when your next meter reading window will be, look at the top section of your paper bill, or if using My Account, look at "Meter Read Schedule" if you are a paperless billing customer.

Thank you for helping us deliver safe, reliable energy to your home.