Service connection safety

If you experience damage to your home's service connection, follow these steps:

1. Know what you need to repair.

The diagrams to the right will help you understand who is responsible for what electrical equipment based on the type of service connection you have (e.g. – above-ground, mobile or manufactured home, or underground).   

If equipment is damaged that is the homeowner’s responsibility, repairs and inspections will be needed before LG&E and KU can safely connect service.

2. Always seek a licensed electrician.

Contact a licensed electrician to repair your damaged electrical equipment. The Better Business Bureau ( can provide you with a list of approved electrical repair contractors if you do not already know someone.

3. Do not attempt to fix damage yourself.

It could create safety hazards and delay your power from being restored.

4. Ensure repairs pass required inspections and LG&E and KU are notified when it’s safe to restore power.

Once any needed repairs are completed, the work will have to be checked by a state-certified inspector working on behalf of your local government. In most cases, the electrician will notify the inspector that the work has been completed, but you should ask your electrician to ensure you will not be responsible for notifying the inspector.

In the Louisville area, the inspector needs to contact LG&E that the work has been inspected and is ready for service to be restored.

In the remainder of our service area, the inspector typically makes this notification to the company; however, confirm the process with the inspector to be sure.

chart of types of service connections