Flooding safety during an outage/storm

When flood waters threaten homes and businesses, we often get questions about natural gas and/or electric service.

LG&E, KU and ODP must sometimes disconnect service in the immediate area during floods in order to ensure the safety of our customers, employees, business partners and the general public.

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Electric service during a flood

If electric service is temporarily disconnected but a customer’s property is not directly experiencing flooding, it may share the same section of power lines with properties in flooded areas.

Electric and/or natural gas service will be restored once it is determined to be safe after flood waters have receded. However, when damages occur, certain steps must be taken before service can be restored.

When flooding occurs...

  • Do NOT enter an area with standing water, or attempt to operate any electrical appliances or equipment where there is standing water.
  • If appliances or equipment have been submerged or water reached the mechanical or electrical parts, they are most likely damaged and should NOT be used.
  • Contact a qualified electrician to make any necessary repairs to damaged electrical appliances and equipment.
  • Repairs must be inspected by the appropriate city or county inspection office.
  • We cannot reconnect electric service without an approved inspection from the appropriate city or county inspector.
  • Residents should check with local government officials for specific information about restrictions, licensing and permitting, as well as any associated fees, related to utility repairs and inspections.

In LG&E’s natural gas service area...

  • If natural gas service is impacted by flooding, LG&E will turn off major natural gas appliances before restoring service.
  • LG&E will test the gas lines to the property and inside for damage. If the natural gas lines pass LG&E’s safety test, LG&E will restore service to the meter. If house lines fail LG&E’s safety test, the customer will need to contact a qualified plumber or certified professional to make necessary repairs to the gas lines and inspect the natural gas appliances.
  • After repairs have been made, customers may call LG&E at 502-589-1444 to request to have natural gas service restored.