Small commercial customers

When small commercial customers sign up for Demand Conservation, our contractor's Licensed HVAC Certified technician will install a device on your property and connect it to your central air conditioning unit, heat pump, electric water heater and/or in-ground pool pump. These devices allow us to safely cycle central air conditioners and other equipment off and on for brief periods during peak usage days during the summer — but only when absolutely necessary to control the community's energy demand.

To thank you for your participation, commercial customers receive:

  • Energy bill credits of $5 per month per device in June, July, August and September for each central air conditioning unit or heat pump system up to five tons, plus an additional $1 per month for every additional ton.
  • Energy bill credits of $2 per month (up to $8 annually) per device in June, July, August and September for each electric water heater or in-ground swimming pool pump.  

Sign up through My Account or call 800-356-5467


Large commercial customers

LG&E and KU also offer a demand response program at no additional cost to large commercial customers who can support automated load management reductions. 

Customers can earn monetary incentives participating in our Commercial Demand Conservation program. We help participants customize energy-reduction plans that help lessen the overall demand on the electric system for brief periods of time on particularly hot days during the summer. This helps lower energy consumption so utilities can better manage peak-load on its electric system.  

This program offering is available through a partnership with EnerNOC – a leading provider of energy intelligence software and demand response solutions. Participating customers must commit to curtailing at least 50 kilowatts per dispatch event and can earn up to $25 per kilowatt-year based on their energy reductions. Events may be scheduled in the months of June, July, August and September.