WeCare - how it works

Step 1 – Sign Up.

Customers may sign up by signing into My Account or by calling 800-356-5467.

Step 2 – Schedule Appointment.

After you sign up, eligible customers will be contacted to schedule an appointment with a representative of the WeCare team. Weekday and Saturday appointments are available. Someone at least 18 years or older must be present during the appointment.

Step 3 – Services Performed.

On the day of your appointment, a representative of the WeCare team will visit your home and talk with you about energy efficiency and your family's energy usage, giving you valuable information and practical ways to reduce energy costs without sacrificing comfort. Our suggestions are based on what you share with us about how you heat and cool your home, how you use appliances and any comfort concerns you might have. Overall, this meeting helps us determine how much energy you could be saving every month on your utility bill.

photo of a WeCare Program vehicle

The LG&E and KU team of professionals has a host of energy-saving devices available at no cost to you. Depending on your individual needs and your home’s level of insulation, LG&E and KU offers devices to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Here are the energy-saving measures WeCare makes possible:

  • Air and duct sealing
  • Attic and wall insulation
  • Energy-efficient water devices
  • Heating and central air conditioning tune-ups
  • LED lightbulbs
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Energy-efficient refrigerators (replacements)
  • Energy-efficient window air conditioners (replacements)

In total, your appointment may take approximately two to two and a half hours to complete.

Step 4 – Start saving!

One of the most important—and easiest—ways to lower your utility bill is to use less energy. The WeCare Program is a great way to make your home more efficient.