Wildfire Safety

At LG&E and KU, we are prepared with emergency plans and procedures to respond to wildfires that could affect our customers and equipment. Although the threat of wildfires in the communities we serve is minimal, it’s important to always be prepared.

We are also doing our part to prevent fires by regularly inspecting, maintaining and investing in our energy grid, using remote sensors to monitor the grid and actively managing vegetation such as trees near our lines to reduce the possibility of wildfires starting from accidental contact.

walking path in a forest

Kentucky and Virginia are full of majestic forests, endless hiking trails and ideal spots for camping and enjoying the outdoors. If you are planning on camping and having a few s’mores under a star-filled night, always take precautions when setting up and managing your campfire.

Here are a few safety tips to remember when camping:

  • Follow the rules of your campground.
  • Do NOT build a campfire in hazardous, dry conditions.
  • Find out if the campground has an existing fire ring or fire pit you can use.
  • Have a source of water, a bucket and a shovel nearby at all times.
  • Keep the fire small and under control.

Visit smokeybear.com for tips on picking a spot, setting up your campfire and extinguishing it properly.

family in front of a campfire at night

Additional tips

For added safety, the following preparedness tips can help ready your family for a potential wildfire emergency in your community and protect against home fires: