Career development

LG&E and KU Energy strongly believes in the power of people and invests in the development of all employees. Leaders throughout the company support continuous professional and personal development. Employees participate in internal and external development opportunities to enhance their professional and technical competencies. Growth and development of our employees are required to maintain a competitive advantage of ensuring safe and reliable service to the communities we serve. Through various development activities, employees have the opportunity to build the skillsets needed to master their current role, as well as assisting them for future career growth.

By engaging in workplace mentoring, networking through employee resource groups, taking advantage of the college tuition reimbursement program, and participating in internal and external leadership development programs, you will build business acumen and valuable relationships across the company. Through these opportunities we help position you achieve your personal short-term and long-term career goals at LG&E and KU.

female employee at a meeting looking into the camera