Large commercial customer
  • Reduce your energy load
  • Earn monetary incentives
  • Track usage with personalized web application

LG&E and KU’s Commercial Demand Conservation program provides a customized energy-reduction plan at no additional cost for our business customers, to help you reduce your facility’s energy load and earn monetary incentives in return. 

On average, demand response participants earned $2,885 in incentives during last year’s season. The highest incentive paid to a commercial customer in 2016 was $20,000, based on their seasonal load reduction. 

Features and benefits

  • There is no additional cost to participate in this program. 

  • Participants receive up to $25 per kilowatt-year based on their energy reductions during DR dispatch events. The incentives will vary based on actual energy reductions and the frequency of dispatch events after the DR season is complete. For example, a 90 kilowatt reduction performance average would payout $2,250 ($25 x 90 kW [season average performance] = $2,250).

  • On-site metering and communications equipment installed at each participating site will help you monitor real-time energy usage and measure savings.

  • Gain access to your own, near real-time, 5-minute interval meter data through a personalized online portal
  • Customers receive a customized curtailment plan to maximize your opportunities to reduce energy usage while minimizing impacts on business operations.

  • Energy reductions can be made across a broad range of equipment. Common examples include: raising thermostat settings by a few degrees, changing ventilation patterns or cutting back on non-essential lighting.

  • Get important tips from energy industry experts to develop customized energy reduction plans.
  • Help your community manage overall demand on the electric system for brief periods during peak times, particularly on hot summer days.

Eligibility requirements

  • Support demand response of auto-demand response load management reductions. 
  • Monthly demand greater than 200 kW.  
  • Participating customers must commit to curtailing at least 50 kW per dispatch event.
  • Events may be scheduled in the months of June, July, August and September.

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