Small commercial customer
  • Reduce your energy load
  • Earn energy bill credits

When small commercial customers sign up for Demand Conservation, our contractor's Licensed HVAC Certified technician will install a device on your property and connect it to your central air conditioning unit, heat pump, electric water heater and/or in-ground pool pump. These devices allow us to safely cycle central air conditioners and other equipment off and on for brief periods during peak usage days during the summer — but only when absolutely necessary to control the community's energy demand.

To thank you for your participation, commercial customers receive:

  • Energy bill credits of $5 per month per device in June, July, August and September for each central air conditioning unit or heat pump system up to five tons, plus an additional $1 per month for every additional ton.
  • Energy bill credits of $2 per month (up to $8 annually) per device in June, July, August and September for each electric water heater or in-ground swimming pool pump.  

Sign up through My Account or call 800-356-5467