Home visits & service work

Due to COVID-19, we have implemented enhanced safety protocols, including the use of additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), in accordance with OSHA, the CDC, and state and federal guidelines. This allows us to perform our work in new ways to keep you and our employees healthy and safe.

LG&E and KU employees are practicing social distancing when feasible; requesting customers who are sick remain at a distance and technicians will wear the appropriate protective equipment which may including masks, respirators, gloves and protective suits to ensure the health of both our technicians and our customers.

Safety is our number one priority. LG&E and KU value the safety of our meter readers and field technicians and work to ensure their safety. With more customers working from and spending time at home, we understand your dogs may be spending more time outdoors during the day. 

You can help LG&E and KU keep our employees – and your pet – safe by containing your dog away from the meter on reading days, or when work is scheduled on your property. You can find your scheduled meter reading dates in the top section of your bill or when you sign in to your online account.