How does Demand Conservation work?

A small device is installed on your home and connected to your central air conditioner or heat pump. This device allows us to safely cycle central air conditioners off and on for brief periods during peak usage days during the summer – but only when absolutely necessary to manage the community's energy demand.

  • When cycling is necessary, air conditioners or heat pumps will cycle off for a few minutes each half hour, typically on summer weekdays between late afternoon and early evening. Water heater cycling occurs on a different schedule. Ask your installer for details.
  • Typically, cycling occurs no more than 20 days a year – and typically not on weekends or holidays.
  • The best part is most people are not even aware when their air conditioner is being cycled.
  • Electric water heaters and in-ground swimming pool pumps may also be eligible and additional summer bill credits are available for each device installed.

More than 170,000 customers are already participating in Demand Conservation, won't you join them?

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