Business energy saving tips

  • Conduct a nighttime audit to find out what’s on afterhours that shouldn’t be.

  • Perform monthly maintenance of heating and cooling equipment to guarantee efficient operation throughout the year.

  • Maximize daylighting. Open or close blinds to make the best use of natural daylight and take advantage of skylights or other natural daylight sources to reduce lighting during daytime hours.

  • Remove unnecessary lamps (de-lamp) in overlit areas.

  • Enable the power management function on office computers, which automatically puts monitors to sleep when not in use.

  • Consolidate stand-alone office equipment to achieve a ratio of one device per 10 or more users. Typical cost savings can reach 30 to 40 percent

  • Set back the thermostat in the evenings and other times when the building isn’t occupied.

  • Make sure that areas in front of vents are clear of furniture and paper, to save up to 25% on HVAC energy usage.

  • Educate employees and building occupants about how their behaviors affect energy use.

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