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Empowering EV drivers

We understand that electric vehicle owners want more access to charging stations so they can commute to and from work and other locations without range anxiety. That’s why we’ve fulfilled our commitment to installing 20 level 2 public EV charging stations across the state, from street parking to recreational areas to parking lots. We also have plans to install new fast chargers in Kentucky. We believe in fostering growth in our state’s EV infrastructure and look forward to partnering with businesses for even more expansion.

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Fast charging

Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining speed, and Kentucky is ready to get charged up! LG&E and KU plan to offer direct-to-consumer fast charging services under the Kentucky Public Service Commission approved rate of $0.25 per kWh (plus taxes and fees). Each of the new charging sites will be capable of charging two vehicles, delivering more than 5 miles per minute of charging.

The first two locations of the new LG&E and KU fast charging sites were announced in late September. The utilities’ new fast chargers will be located at the Lake Cumberland Tourist Commission in Russell Springs, Kentucky and the Norton Healthcare Sports and Learning Center in Louisville, Kentucky. With Lake Cumberland boasting four million recreational visitors a year and the title of Houseboat Capital of the World; Norton’s facility attracting nearly 100 concerts, meetings, community events and other sporting events annually; and the venues being easily accessible from nearby Interstates 64, 264, U.S. Route 127 and Cumberland Parkway, respectively, the charging locations are expected to fill gaps and offer more peace of mind for plenty of EV motorists.

More locations to be announced in 2024!

Fast charging FAQ

Level 2 Charging

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Hourly fees

Electric vehicle drivers who use the charging stations would pay an hourly fee. While exact fees and taxes may vary depending on your location, the average rate is expected to be about $1 per hour.

Find a charging station near you

Find charging stations near you through this easy-to-use online tool. If you’re using a mobile device, there are many apps available to make it easier to search for the nearest charging station while you’re on the go.


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