Public electric vehicle charging stations

Empowering EV drivers

We understand that electric vehicle owners want more access to charging stations so they can commute to and from work and other locations without range anxiety. That’s why we’ve fulfilled our commitment to installing 20 public EV charging stations across the state, from street parking to recreational areas to parking lots. We believe in fostering growth in our state’s EV infrastructure and look forward to partnering with businesses for even more expansion.

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LG&E EV Charging Stations

A.B. Sawyer Park
9300 Whipps Mill Road (in parking lot across from Lyndon Recreation baseball field)

1100 East Washington Street

Charlie Vettiner Park
Chenoweth Park Road (in parking lot across from tennis courts)

Crescent Hill Public Library
2736 Frankfort Avenue

Downtown Louisville
220 West Main Street

Downtown Louisville
315 East Main Street

1523 Hepburn Avenue

Iroquois Park
Knoll Gate Road

Seneca Park
3101 Rock Creek Road

Shawnee Park
460 Northwestern Pkwy

KU EV Charging Stations

116 North 5th Street

201 South Main Street

Muhlenberg Sports Park - 200 County Park Drive

159 East High Street

KU Building – One Quality Street

McConnell Springs – 416 Rebmann Lane

721 Press Avenue

City Hall – 101 East Main Street

Morehead State University – 121 East 2nd Street

City Hall – 239 West Main Street

Hourly fees

Electric vehicle drivers who use the charging stations would pay an hourly fee. While exact fees and taxes may vary depending on your location, the average rate is expected to be about $1 per hour.

Find a charging station near you

Find charging stations near you through this easy-to-use online tool. If you’re using a mobile device, there are many apps available to make it easier to search for the nearest charging station while you’re on the go.


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