Welcome to Kentucky's first live peregrine falcon web cam, located at LG&E's Mill Creek Generating Station in southwest Jefferson County. The utility launched the web cam in the peregrine falcon nest box, installed at the facility about seven years ago, in partnership with Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.

We encourage visitors to check back often and to visit the falcon milestones if they may have missed some of these more memorable moments.

2015 Falcon Season Update

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officials confirmed: We’ve spotted in the nest box an unbanded male and unbanded female falcon, who resembles our resident female affectionately named Diana two years ago.

Last year, falcon cam visitors watched a falcon territorial dispute unfold. Territory disputes are fairly common among these magnificent birds of prey.

We’ve remained optimistic that the falcons would return to the nest box this season; however, much of this season is still unknown. Due to the weather conditions and last year’s activities, wildlife officials anticipate the nesting activities may be delayed with eggs appearing later in the season around March.

We’ll be sure to post more updates when activity resumes in the nest box. In the meantime, check out our milestones page for highlights from previous years.