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Meet our roommates

Say hello to our new roommates at our E.W. Brown solar facility! A flock of Shetland and Katahdin sheep from nearby Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill are hard at work keeping the vegetation in check at Kentucky’s largest universal solar facility, located in Mercer County. 

All-natural lawn mowers

While the sheep are a nice addition to the serene landscape, they also play a practical role in keeping vegetation under control, as mowing grass under and around our solar panels is challenging and time-consuming.

Sheep close up

Seasonal transitions

You can catch the sheep “mowing” grass during the spring and summer months, before they return to their warm winter home at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill later this year.

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The sheep are home for the holidays

The sheep that have spent the last year with us at the E.W. Brown Solar Farm were moved on November 28, 2021 to finish the winter at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. The sheep are rocking their brand new, thick winter coats and will spend the next few months staying warm as the seasons have changed.

The sheep and their newborn lambs will be back at E.W. Brown when the grass is green and flowers begin to bloom. We are so excited to share with you again through our live ‘Ewetube’ the beauty of the springtime at E.W. Brown.

See you in Spring 2022!

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