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Meet our roommates

Say hello to our new roommates at our E.W. Brown solar facility! A flock of Shetland and Katahdin sheep from nearby Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill are hard at work keeping the vegetation in check at Kentucky’s largest universal solar facility, located in Mercer County. 

sheep graze at E.W. Brown Solar Facility

All-natural lawn mowers

While the sheep are a nice addition to the serene landscape, they also play a practical role in keeping vegetation under control, as mowing grass under and around our solar panels is challenging and time-consuming.

“By using sheep to graze what is Kentucky’s largest solar farm, instead of lawn mowers, we’re being more environmentally friendly and holding down maintenance costs for our customers,” said Aron Patrick, director, Research and Development. “What started as a research project is laying the foundation for sustainably integrating more solar generation into our portfolio, and we hope the unique way we’re managing it can be a model for solar sites around the world.”

ram sheep at solar field

A new flock of woolly friends have joined our Solar Share facility in Simpsonville, Kentucky!

We are excited to share that we recently welcomed a flock of sheep to our Solar Share facility. The new flock consists of 49 ewes, or female sheep, and one male ram. The sheep will be grazing on grass and hay native to the area and already on the grounds of the Solar Share site. The flock is being cared for through a partnership with nearby Shelby County farm.

Watch an informational video from KET about solar and our support of environmental efforts using Shetland sheep to mow grass at the solar farm.

Sheep close up

Seasonal transitions

You can catch the sheep “mowing” grass during the spring and summer months, before they return to their warm winter home at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill later this year.

Levi the Lamb's Big Day book cover

Meet Levi The Lamb

‘Ewe’ will love our new children’s book about a day-in-the-life of Levi The Lamb, one of the sheep at our E.W. Brown solar facility. Your purchase will directly benefit Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, the nonprofit organization in Mercer County that supplies our sheep.

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Guess who’s baaaaack, back again

Sheep return to E.W. Brown solar farm for the fourth year.

Another wooly cool sheep season is underway at the company’s E.W. Brown solar facility in Mercer County. Earlier this week, the sheep returned for the fourth consecutive year. Thanks to a partnership with nearby non-profit, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, the sheep are back to keep the facility's vegetation in check, while farmers from Shaker Village manage the flock. 

The flock has grown to more than 200 sheep, with 15 little ram and ewe lambs born just this spring — and more on the way — who will graze vegetation around the facility’s more than 44,000 solar panels situated on 50 acres at the plant site.

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