Mill Creek Falcon Cam

  • Tune in each spring for real-time live streaming video.
  • Our peregrine falcon nesting boxes are just one more way we’re protecting the environment.

Falcon season 2022

Welcome back to the 2022 falcon cam season! The chicks were recently banded. Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) attach a leg band to each chick with a unique color, letters, and number combination. This identifying information is then entered into a database along with each bird's gender, date of hatching and nesting place. This database is available for all departments of fish and wildlife in North America as a way to track and identify the falcons.

Since 1999, 172 chicks have been banded by KDFWR at LG&E and KU generating stations.  In 2021, there were three successful nests at LG&E and KU facilities. Two of these pairs used a nest box. The third pair nested on a beam, under a coal conveyer. Peregrines were briefly visited at a fourth LG&E and KU site, but there was no nesting. Also in 2021, LG&E and KU nests produced eight eggs and seven chicks. All of the chicks fledged successfully.

Like falcon cam? "Ewe" will love our sheep cam!

Say hello to our new roommates at our E.W. Brown solar facility! A flock of Shetland and Katahdin sheep from nearby Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill are hard at work keeping the vegetation in check at Kentucky’s largest universal solar facility, located in Mercer County. 

Sheep and employee on solar field E.W. Brown