Mill Creek Falcon Cam

  • You’re watching real-time live streaming video.
  • Our peregrine falcon nesting boxes are just one more way we’re protecting the environment.

For viewers tuning in to our live peregrine falcon web cam, we’ve been on the edge of our seats this 2019 nesting season. Our partners at Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed in early April an unknown banded male falcon moved in and is now occupying this territory. 

It became apparent this banded male falcon replaced the unbanded male who originally resided at Mill Creek. Unfortunately, the new male showed no interest in sharing incubation duties, and given the amount of time the eggs were left unattended while Diana was out feeding, we were uncertain the eggs would hatch. 

We hoped for the best, and now we celebrate great news. Two chicks have arrived inside the Mill Creek nest box!

Keep watching as these chicks grow and to see what happens next during this dramatic nesting season.