Outdoor LED Lighting Service

  • New outdoor LED lighting options for residential, business and industrial customers, as well as local governments.
  • We install and maintain your outdoor lighting for you.
  • Review our list of available lighting fixtures, poles and associated costs.
  • Contact us to schedule an appointment and make your selection.
led lighting on building at a college campus

About the service

We offer a variety of outdoor LED lighting options for residential, business and industrial customers, as well as local governments within our service territory. 

By partnering with us, we’ll install and maintain your outdoor lighting for you. Customers who use this service pay a monthly fee, per installed light, that appears on their bill and covers the costs of the lighting installation, maintenance and electricity used.

If your lighting fixture goes out or requires maintenance, simply let us know and we’ll respond within 48 hours ‒ at no additional cost ‒ to make the necessary repairs.

How it works

  1. Review our list of available energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures and poles. 
  2. Make your selection. This is a customizable service, so you decide what, where and how many lighting fixtures you'd like to install. 
  3. Our trained service professionals will then install your new or replace your existing lighting fixtures and poles. 
  4. To review our available options and associated costs, please view your utility's information below.  

The benefits of LEDs

Compared to conventional overhead lighting, LEDs offer the following benefits:

  • More energy efficient by using 40-80% less energy.
  • Have a 4-time longer life span.
  • More environmentally-friendly.
  • Improved visibility by offering better field depth and peripheral vision. 

Color options

We primarily offer LED lighting fixtures at 3000 Kelvin, which most closely resembles “daylight at noon” and appears whiter in color compared to conventional lighting. We have several high-powered flood and contemporary lighting fixtures at 4000 Kelvin, making them a brighter white and ideal for commercial parking lots. 

Conventional lighting is considered “omnidirectional,” which means light emits from all directions, making it less effective at reaching your desired target. LEDs distribute light at sharper, more defined angles to illuminate directly in the intended direction. This helps cut down the loss of lumen, or lighting, making it much more efficient.

light color temperature chart with orange on left and blue on right

For customers already using this service

We transitioned exclusively to LED lighting options through this service and will continue to maintain our existing non-LED lighting for a short time while supplies last. We will only replace your existing lighting fixture with a comparable LED fixture if it fails and cannot be fixed by simply replacing the bulb and photocontrol.

If you are installing new lighting fixtures or your existing lighting fixture is broken or no longer working, you simply pay a five-year monthly leasing fee that appears on your bill. 

Conversion fees

If you proactively convert your current, working lighting fixtures to LEDs, there is an additional one-time conversion fee or a five-year, monthly conversion fee added to your service fee that appears on your bill. This conversion fee represents the replacement costs of your current, working non-LED lighting fixture.