EV charging station

LG&E and KU has committed to install 20 public EV charging stations across the state. To date, five stations have been installed and other locations are being determined to best serve electric vehicle drivers in the region.  These would be located in public access areas, such as street parking, parking lots and outdoor areas.

Hourly fees

Electric vehicle drivers who use the charging stations would pay an hourly fee. While exact fees and taxes may vary depending on your location, the average rate is expected to be about $3 per hour.

Find a charging station near you

Currently, there are about 30 public charging stations, 19 of which are in the LG&E and KU service territories. Of those 19, 13 are located at automotive dealerships.

Our EV charging station business partner, ChargePoint, offers an easy-to-use online tool to find the nearest charging station. Search by entering your location by address or zip code, the type of connection level your vehicle requires or estimated fee for charging at each location.

If you’re using a mobile device, there are many apps available to make it easier to search for the nearest charging station while you’re on the go.  

LG&E and KU charging stations