On-Site Home Energy Analysis is great for contractors and remodelers!

A Home Energy Analysis is good for homeowners because it shows them where they are using the most energy and suggests solutions for reducing their energy use. It's good for contractors and remodelers because many of those solutions (including HVAC, ENERGY STAR® appliances, additional insulation, etc.) require professional installation. It's truly a win-win for both parties. This is a terrific way to build not only your business, but also your relationship with current and prospective customers.

Before you start a project, ask the homeowner to sign up for an On-Site Home Energy Analysis. The cost to the homeowner for this service is only $25, charged on their next energy bill. After the initial Home Energy Analysis is complete, homeowners have up to 36 months from the initial analysis to make energy-saving improvements to be eligible for $500 or $1,000 in incentives paid directly to them from LG&E and KU. From the initial test results, if the home is 20% more energy efficient, they are eligible for $500 in incentives. Make the home 30% more energy efficient, and they are eligible for $1,000 in incentives. You will be helping your clients get money back into their pockets and they may be more likely to make energy-wise investments if they know they can recoup some of their investment dollars.

The homeowner must request the Analysis.

Get started with an On-Site Home Energy Analysis

Have energy-efficient home improvements been completed? If so, homeowners can see if they qualify for the financial incentives.

Check eligibility for financial incentives through an On-Site Home Energy Analysis