What is an estimated meter reading?

Posted | July 26, 2019

As a customer, you receive a monthly bill for your energy usage. Our meter readers physically collect the energy-usage information needed to calculate your bill each month.

We often get asked about estimated meter reads, which happen occasionally due to various circumstances such as weather or difficulty accessing your meter. Meter readers are sometimes unable to collect the necessary information, which requires us to calculate an estimate of the amount of energy you used in that billing period. We use several factors in our calculation, including usage from the previous year and current weather conditions, to determine estimated meter readings.

When your meter is read after an estimate, any difference between the prior estimation and your actual usage is automatically corrected. If our estimate was too low (your usage was more than we estimated), the difference between the estimated usage and your actual usage will be added to your next bill. If our estimate was too high (your usage was less than we estimated), you’ll be credited on your next bill for the additional amount you paid.

To find out if your usage was estimated, view the “Current Usage” box on your bill. You will either see “Actual (R)” or “Estimated (E)” under Meter Reading Information. If your usage was estimated, it’s important to remember that your next actual meter reading will balance, or true up, any difference between your actual and estimated readings.

Want to help reduce the chance your bill will be estimated? Ensure our meter reader has access to your meter each month during the three-day meter reading window. You can find your next meter reading window at the top of your bill. Paperless billing customers can sign in to their online accounts and search “Meter Read Schedule” to find their monthly meter reading windows. If you prefer, we can provide step-by-step instructions for reading your own meter each month. Visit lge-ku.com for more information about the importance of ensuring we have access to your meter.