Don’t do damage when digging that dirt

April 1, 2021

Now that spring is here, you might be thinking about getting out in the yard and doing some planting. But remember, the law requires you to contact 811 before doing any digging. That service will coordinate with local utilities to have them mark areas where there are underground wires or pipelines – including electric, gas, cable and water.

April is National Safe Digging Month. Having your yard marked before you dig can help you avoid causing damage that could interrupt service, leave you with a costly repair bill and possibly lead to a serious injury or even death.

At least a couple of days before your planting project, call 8-1-1. This is a free service; all it costs is a little planning ahead. Visit to learn more.

We (and our contract line locators) only locate natural gas or electric underground service lines from the street (gas main) or pole/ transformer to the customer’s gas or electric meter. These lines are referred to as public utility lines. We DO NOT locate private house lines (service lines that run beyond the meter). Examples of house lines include but are not limited to natural gas that is connected to a swimming pool heater, grill or gas light; electricity to an outdoor light; or natural gas/electricity that is connected to a garage or an outbuilding. Customers with private house lines will need to contract with a private locate company to have these lines marked.

Here’s one more thing to remember: If you’re putting a new tree in the ground, make sure you know how tall it will ultimately grow to be. You don’t want to plant a seedling today only to have it grow so much that it interferes with overhead power lines in the next few years. If you’d like help finding a good tree for your yard, go to and download our brochure.