Scam prevention is an around-the-clock job

January 23, 2023

National Consumer Protection Week is coming soon (March 5–11), making this a good time to offer you a few tips to help protect your account from criminals. Unfortunately, scammers never take a break, so it’s crucial to be aware of some of their tricks.

We will NEVER:

  • Make a live phone call to demand payment.
  • Contact you to get personal information such as credit/debit card numbers or checking account   information.
  • Send a representative to your home to demand payment.
  • Ask you to make a payment with a prepaid debit/gift card or a payment app.
  • Tell you your service will be cut off if you do not make an immediate payment.

If you ever get a call, email or text claiming to come from us and demanding immediate payment, it’s a scam. If you suspect the request is not legitimate, you have a few options to easily check your account status.

  1. Sign in to the free mobile app. (If you don’t have it, you can download it at
  2. Sign in to My Account (
  3. Call our automated phone system and press 1-2-1.

And if you ever believe you have been scammed, report it to the police. Visit to fill out the online form to let us know, too.

Visit to learn more.