Don’t let the wrong tree leave you out on a limb

May 22, 2023

We are a big proponent of planting trees. (See our Plant for the Planet program.) Trees are great for the environment, provide shelter for animals and can even help shade your home to give it some protection from the hot rays of the summer sun. But it’s very important for you to do your homework before planting a tree. Simply put, make sure you plant the right tree in the right place.

If you have overhead power lines (distribution lines), you’ll need to be certain any tree you plant will not interfere with those lines when it’s fully grown. The same goes for transmission lines. To avoid underground distribution lines, you should plant at least eight feet from the front and two feet on either side of the transformer (the green rectangular box located near a property line).

We recommend visiting for help finding which trees will work best in your yard. Also visit for information about planting trees near distribution lines and transmission lines.

And, as the law requires, remember to contact 811 (dial 811 or visit at least two business days before beginning any digging project. Visit to learn more.