The scamming never stops, so stay on your toes to keep your account safe

January 22, 2024

Scam season is 365 days a year. (Well, 366 days in 2024 thanks to Leap Year.) That’s why you can never let your guard down. The crooks are working 24/7. And National Consumer Protection Week (March 3–9) reminds us to help you recognize a scam if a crook comes after you.

  • We will never contact you to get personal information such as credit/debit card numbers or checking account information.
  • We will never make a live phone call demanding payment.
  • We will never threaten to cut off your service if you don’t make an immediate payment.
  • We will never ask you to pay your monthly bill with a prepaid debit/gift card or payment app.
  • We will never send someone to your home to demand payment.

If you ever receive a communication – whether a call, email, text, etc. – claiming to be from us that demands immediate payment, you’re being scammed.

Though there may be times we need to come to your home or business, it would never be to collect payment. If someone claims to represent us, ask to see their ID. Our employees and contractors always have authentic ID badges that include their name, a color photo and the company logo.

You can easily find out the status of your account in any one of the following ways:

Think you’ve been scammed? Report it to the police and then go here to let us know by filling out the online form.

Visit this page for more information.