Net Metering for your home

Whether you plan to privately generate electricity using solar panels, wind turbines, biomass or biogas energy, or hydro-energy, Net Metering allows customers who have a private generation source to receive credits towards future power needs for any excess power generated.

Net Metering Service Interconnection Guidelines

Be sure to follow the Net Metering Service Interconnection Guidelines for your respective utility. Customers' private generation systems must:

  • Generate electricity using solar energy, wind energy, biomass or biogas energy or hydro energy;
  • Have a rated capacity of not greater than forty-five (45) kilowatts;
  • Be located on the customer’s premises;
  • Be owned and operated by the customer;
  • Be connected in parallel with the utility’s electric distribution system; and
  • Have the primary purpose of supplying all or part of the customer’s own electricity requirements.

Additional information

For additional information about Net Metering, please call the Residential Service Center and ask for Net Metering information. If you’re considering installing a private generation system, it’s important to first do your research and take a variety of factors into account. We have resources that can help guide your decision and other renewable options to consider, like our Solar Share Program.

NOTE: A joint account can help ensure continuing benefits from your net metering investment as the makeup of your household changes over time.


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