Mobile Education Unit

Focused on energy and energy efficiency, the new science theatre show Captain Current vs. the Electricity Vampires, brought to you by the Kentucky Science Center and powered by LG&E and KU, follows the friendly yet mischievous Electricity Vampire as she searches for ways to waste energy. The energy-saving hero Captain Current will ask for your kids' help tracking down the voltage villains, all while teaching them about energy conservation and electricity generation along the way.


The mobile education unit is part of our overall Children's Energy Education Program and features hands-on activity stations and pre- and post-show materials.

With the help of Captain Current, students will track down where energy is wasted and learn more about energy-related topics:

  • Kindergarten - 3rd grade: Electricity flow, circuits and solar energy
  • 4th grade - 5th grade: Electrical energy, energy transfer, conductors and insulators
  • 6th grade - 8th grade: Energy transformations, transmission and energy sources

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