Neighbor to Neighbor

Updates from our generating stations

Welcome to Neighbor to Neighbor, designed to keep you updated on the key activities at our generating stations across Kentucky.

As we begin work on additional environmental controls and retrofits, as well as efforts to retire and replace generation to meet customers' energy demands, there will be a considerable amount of activity going on at many of our facilities over the next several years. We want to keep you current on the milestones, so be sure to check back often for updates.

In addition to this website, we’re creating a quarterly newsletter for neighbors of our Cane Run Generating Station where new, stricter EPA requirements will force the retirement of existing coal-fired units, and the lost generation will be replaced with a new natural gas combined cycle unit by 2016.

You can subscribe to a print edition of Cane Run’s quarterly newsletter, and/or an electronic version that contains updates and news from our entire generating fleet, by e-mailing us at

We are entering the largest construction phase in our company’s history. In addition to the natural gas combined cycle generating unit at Cane Run, environmental improvements will be taking place at each plant. Over the next four years we will be investing approximately $3 billion to meet stricter Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

While this is a busy time for us, we are excited about our projects and hope frequent and timely communication will help ease any uncertainty surrounding our activities.