Important COVID-19 Information for KU customers

Disconnections for nonpayment have resumed for residential customers. If you are behind on payments, here is how you can avoid disconnection:   

Make your payment:

If you receive a disconnection notice, you have until the final payment date listed on the notice to make your payment or set up a payment arrangement or your service will be disconnected.

Or, make a partial payment AND set up a payment arrangement for the remainder of the Delinquent Amount Due:

  • Once a disconnection notice is received, sign up for payment arrangements through any of the following self-service options:
  • Mobile app – available in the App Store and Google Play Store
  • MyAccount – online
  • Automated phone system – press 1-2-2-1 at any time

While on a payment plan, you must pay your current bill amount and the agreed-to monthly installment amount by the due date to avoid disconnection.

If you are disconnected: The entire Delinquent Amount Due must be paid and reconnection must be requested through our mobile app, online via My Account, or using our automated phone system press 1-2-2-2-1 at any time.

Your service will be reconnected within 24 hours after verification of full payment of the Delinquent Amount Due. A reconnect fee and a new or additional deposit will be required as a condition of reconnection.

  • Please be aware that due to the impacts of COVID-19, USPS is experiencing mail delays in some areas of the country. To avoid mail delays, sign up for paperless billing, My Notifications and pay your bill electronically.

You may be eligible for COVID-19 utility relief assistance

Lexington-Fayette County

All other Kentucky Counties - COVID-19 Utility Relief Assistance

Additional Help for Residential Customers

Other ways we can help

  • Here are some energy-saving tips that may help lower your energy use.
  • We provide a variety of ways for customers to manage and pay their bills.
  • We encourage customers to keep paying what they’re able to pay, to avoid accumulating a large bill balance over time.
  • We offer customers an opportunity to pay all or a portion of a utility bill for a local business, non-profit organization, or loved one through Home Utility Gift (HUG) Certificates.

Business Office Changes

Help us keep our employees, families and customers healthy and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Do not enter our Business Offices if any of the following applies:
    • You or a member of your household are being tested, monitored or positive for COVID-19
    • You have been instructed to quarantine
  • Try our touch-free convenient payment options
Offices with a drive-through window

Drive-through windows are open for customer transactions. 

Offices without a drive-through window

Customers can also continue to use the Payment Drop Boxes as a touch-free way to leave payments.

We continue to encourage customers to use our convenient self-serve options, including our Mobile App, My Account online, or by phone using our automated phone service.