Important COVID-19 Information for KU customers

If you are behind on payments, here is how you can avoid disconnection:   

If you receive a disconnection notice, you have until the final payment date listed on the notice to make a payment or set up a payment arrangement before your service will be disconnected.

While on a payment plan, you must pay your current bill amount and the agreed-to monthly installment amount by the due date to avoid disconnection.

If your service is disconnected, you must complete these two steps to have your service reconnected.

  • Step 1: Pay the entire Delinquent Amount Due via our mobile appMy Account, or by using our automated phone system (call 800-981-0600 and press 1-2-3 to make a payment). A reconnect fee and a new or additional deposit (payable in 6 monthly installments for residential customers) may be required as a condition of reconnection and will appear on your next bill.
  • Step 2: Request service reconnection via our mobile appMy Account, or by using our automated phone system (call 800-981-0600 and press 1-2-2-2-1). Your service will be reconnected within 24 hours of your request.

Please note that USPS may experience mail delays. To avoid delays with receiving and/or paying your bill, sign up for paperless billing and My Notifications, and consider paying your bill through an electronic payment option.

You may be eligible for COVID-19 utility relief assistance

Lexington-Fayette County

All other Kentucky Counties - COVID-19 Utility Relief Assistance

Other ways we can help

  • Here are some energy-saving tips that may help lower your energy use.
  • We provide a variety of ways for customers to manage and pay their bills.
  • We encourage customers to keep paying what they’re able to pay, to avoid accumulating a large bill balance over time.
  • We offer customers an opportunity to pay all or a portion of a utility bill for a local business, non-profit organization, or loved one through Home Utility Gift (HUG) Certificates.