Important COVID-19 Information for ODP customers

How we’re helping our customers and the community

  • Disconnects for non-payment are suspended until at least August 31, 2020 (ODP will not begin disconnects without advance communications), so pay what you can — we will help set up payment arrangements for you, or you can make partial payments without fear of disconnection.
  • New late fees waived until at least August 31, 2020, so late fees won’t be accumulating and adding to your bill.

Other ways we can help:

  • We are all spending more time at home than usual so here are some energy-saving tips that may help lower your energy use.
  • Providing a variety of ways for customers to manage and pay their bills.
  • Encouraging customers to keep paying what they’re able to avoid accumulating a large bill balance over time.
  • Offering customers an opportunity to pay all or a portion of a utility bill for a local business, non-profit organization, or loved one through Home Utility Gift (HUG) Certificates.