A special message to our HVAC partners

At LG&E and KU, we value our relationship with the HVAC community and we encourage local HVAC professionals to contact us at any time to discuss our load control program. We have developed a brochure to share with HVAC technicians that will help clear up any common misconceptions about the switch devices used with our program.

We hope that these facts will help you and your teams gain a better understanding of the operations of the device and how it works in conjunction with HVAC systems.

In exchange for allowing us to install and control the devices during the summer months, June-September, the customer receives energy bill credits. We are limited to no more than 20 cycle events per year, and we typically do not cycle on weekends or holidays. In 2013, there were two cycling events; in 2014, eight events; in 2015, six events; and four events in 2016. If you are ever curious if an event day has been called, we keep an updated list on the Program Facts page of our site.

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, or about the technology, or if you would like printed copies of our informational brochure, call us at 800-356-5467 or contact us online.