Want to save money and energy? Sign up for our energy efficiency programs that are available now and learn about new programs coming this spring!

We are excited to offer even more ways for you to save energy and money plus earn rewards for your energy-saving efforts in 2024. Whether you are a homeowner, renter or business, we have a program for you. Program participants can save energy and money, earn monetary rewards, help us better manage high-energy demand and improve the comfort of your homes and businesses. Check out the programs available now, plus programs to come later this spring!

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Online Marketplace

Shop for discounted Wi-Fi thermostats and other items that will help you lower your energy bill and use less energy.

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Business Rebates

Business customers* are eligible to receive cash incentives for the installation of energy efficient equipment. 

* Must be a participant in our DSM mechanism before being eligible.

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WeCare for Homeowners and Renters

Income-qualified homeowners and renters at or below 200% federal poverty level are eligible for energy-efficient upgrades to help lower their energy bills. Learn more now!

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WeCare for Apartment Building Owners

Lower energy bills with efficiency upgrades for qualifying apartment building owners with tenants at or below 200% federal poverty level. Property owners can also receive incentives of up to 50% of the incremental cost for whole-building projects. Learn more now!

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Business Demand Response

Business customers* who commit to reducing and then actually reduce your energy load during high-energy demand periods receive financial rewards this program. We will notify our program participants in advance of peak demand events and our load monitoring devices provide real-time visibility into your energy consumption through web-based software.

* Must be a participant in our DSM mechanism before being eligible.

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Demand Conservation

This program* pays our residential and small business customers who allow us to cycle off enrolled air conditioners, water heaters, and pool pumps during high-energy demand periods.

* This program is not accepting new enrollments at this time.

Coming this spring

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Small Business Audit and Direct Install

This program provides small business customers energy audits at no additional cost plus basic energy efficient equipment to help reduce your energy usage and lower your bills.

* Must be a participant in our DSM mechanism before being eligible.

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Bring Your Own Thermostat

Get paid to let us adjust the temperature on your Wi-Fi connected thermostat by a few degrees during times of high-energy demand.

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Optimized EV Charging

Get paid to let us shift some of your EV charging times to periods when energy demand is lower.

More programs coming in 2025 and 2026!

We are excited to roll out even more energy-savings programs over the next two years! Check back in late 2024 to view more details about our new offerings.

2025 Programs

  • Peak Time Rebates
  • Residential Online Audit and Rebates

2026 Programs

  • Appliance Recycling
  • Midstream Lighting