E.W. Brown Solar Facility

Adding renewable energy to the electric grid

Maintaining a diverse generation portfolio, relying upon both intermittent renewable and baseload power sources that are available 24/7, has been part of LG&E and KU’s fabric for almost 100 years.

LG&E and KU constructed Kentucky’s largest universal solar facility at our E.W. Brown Generating Station in Mercer County.

Supporting regional renewable energy growth

If you want to support renewable energy, but would rather not install your own private system, residential and commercial customers can participate in our Green Energy Program. Participants provide direct support to regional renewable energy operators to help offset the higher costs to produce and deliver their energy. 

Purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates

The program purchases Renewable Energy Certificates, or "RECs," on customers' behalf using monetary contributions made to the program. LG&E and KU purchase the most cost-competitive RECs currently available from operators in Kentucky and surrounding states to maximize the value for customers.

All RECs through this program are “retired” directly after purchase. This means they cannot be reused by other purchasers, and your purchases are guaranteed to continue growing  renewable energy for the region. Currently, this includes wind energy from Missouri.