Solar for your home – cost

Cost of a typical private solar system cost

  • Request price quotes from several installers. According to Consumer Reports, a typical solar system can run between $10,000 - $50,000, depending on household needs, installation requirements and the size of the system.
  • Be sure to explore available tax incentives and rebates for your area.
  • If installing your own system, be sure to check out steps you must take to participate in LG&E and KU’s Net Metering Service.

Cost of a typical system over its lifetime

U.S. News and World Report recommends you first consider the "all-in" costs, or levelized costs, to produce electricity using a private solar system over its lifetime.

To determine the levelized costs of a solar system, add together the costs to buy, install, finance and maintain the solar system over its expected lifetime; then, divide the "all-in" total costs by the total amount of electricity the solar system is expected to produce over its lifetime.

Getting started tips

Solar Energy Industries Association offers the following tips that can influence the cost to install a solar system to power a home or business.

  • Your available, unshaded roofspace. In the U.S., roofs facing south receive the most sunlight.
  • The current energy usage in your home or business. Your current energy costs will affect how quickly you recoup your solar investment. Also, the more energy you use, the larger system you'll need to fully offset your energy use. Many solar installers can also help you install energy efficiency improvements.
  • The federal investment tax credit for solar, and any other tax creditsrebates or other state & local incentives for solar energy.