Summer safety – Be mindful of potential outdoor electric hazards

April 24, 2023

Warmer weather is here! As we find ourselves outside more and more, either for pleasure or projects, here are a few outdoor electrical safety reminders.

  • Never touch or go near power lines – and always assume they are live.
  • Never climb or play around trees that are close to power lines.
  • Never climb or play near the metal or brick fences that surround electrical equipment. The fences around electric substations are there to keep you safe.
  • Never fly drones, kites or model airplanes near power lines. Play in parks or other open spaces with no power lines to prevent the chance of severe injuries if a kite string or toy control wire should touch a power line.
  • Always use electrical products that are marked for outdoor use.
  • Always be alert when working in the vicinity of power lines.
  • Always contact 811 before you dig. Once the area is marked, respect the lines when completing your outdoor project.
  • Always carry extension ladders parallel to the ground and check for the location of overhead power lines before setting the ladder upright.

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