About LG&E

Louisville Gas and Electric Company (LG&E) is a regulated electric and natural gas utility, based in Louisville, Kentucky, serving Louisville and 16 surrounding counties.


In 1838, investors formed Louisville Gas and Water to provide gas-fired street lighting mandated by Louisville's city fathers to deter crime. The company sold gas from its local coal plant to fuel the gaslights. In 1842, the company dropped plans to build a waterworks and changed its name to Louisville Gas. In 1890, Louisville Gas amended its charter to buy stock in electric companies, and it acquired control of Louisville Electric Light. In 1913, through the merger of Louisville Gas, Louisville Lighting (founded in 1903) and Kentucky Heating, Louisville Gas and Electric (LG&E) was formed.

In 1989, the firm founded LG&E Energy Corp.

In 1998, LG&E Energy acquired KU Energy, which owned neighboring utility, Kentucky Utilities, and it entered into a 25-year lease of Big Rivers Electric's generating facilities. These two transactions more than doubled the size of LG&E Energy.

UK-based Powergen bought LG&E Energy in 2000, and in 2001, Powergen agreed to be acquired by Germany's E.ON. The deal was completed in 2002. In 2003, E.ON transferred LG&E Energy from Powergen to another subsidiary, E.ON U.S. Holdings.

In 2010, E.ON U.S. was acquired by PPL Corporation of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Quick Facts

  • LG&E serves 418,000 electric customers.
  • LG&E serves 329,000 natural gas customers.
  • 6,544 miles of electric distribution
  • 4,755 miles of gas transmission and distribution
  • Total regulated generation capacity is 2,786 megawatts.