Pole attachment services

About our group

The Third Party Attachments Group manages joint use and third party attachments to the approximately 500,000 electric distribution poles owned by LG&E and KU. This group is responsible for attachment and joint use agreements, managing the attachment application and approval process, design and construction standards, billing, and regulatory and legal affairs related to pole attachments. Should you need assistance with any of the following, please contact our group

Joint use

Joint use refers to the concept of shared infrastructure that emerged during a period when electric utilities and telephone companies began developing their service networks with lines of poles. By providing for space for both companies on the pole, joint use agreements permit electric and telephone companies to serve a given territory without building separate pole lines.

The processes for attachment and billing are specific to each joint use partner. If you represent a joint use partner and are unfamiliar with the terms of your agreement, contact us.

Third party attachments

Third party attachments include attachments by cable television and telecommunications service providers. Our companies permit attachment of both wireline and wireless facilities under terms and conditions that are designed to ensure the safety and reliability of our electric distribution system and provide for just and reasonable cost-recovery for our companies’ ratepayers.

All third party attachment customers must have a signed attachment agreement in place before applying to make an attachment. For new attachment customers, the terms and conditions of attachment are contained in the Pole and Structure Attachment Schedule in the respective LG&E and KU Electric Service Tariffs. New attachment customers must sign an attachment customer agreement that incorporates the terms and conditions of the PSA Schedule. The PSA Schedule, the Electric Service Tariffs, and the attachment customer agreement can be found in the "Related documents" section below. To learn how to become an attachment customer, contact our group.

Attachment process

The third party attachment process is set out in the companies’ Third Party Attachments Handbook, as well as in a Third Party Attachments Process chart. Both of these documents can be found in the "Related documents" section below.

Submit an Attachment Application

Current attachment customers must submit attachment applications using Katapult, the companies’ online attachment application portal.  Paper or e-mail applications will no longer be accepted. Please note that applications to attach to more than 300 poles over a 30-day period require a separate High Volume Application Plan. For more details about High Volume Applications, contact us.

Note: The Katapult online portal works only with Google Chrome.

PCS Colocation

Our companies license space on our Transmission structures to telecommunications carriers wishing to attach macro-cell antennas. For more details about this process, contact our group.


Our companies permit non-profit organizations to attach banners to our wood poles at no cost. Banners must meet appropriate standards and guidelines and are subject to an internal engineering and design review of the affected poles.

Requirements include:

  • No larger than 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide.
  • Must be placed at least 8-feet above ground and at least one-foot below the lowest communications cable and at least 4-feet below any electric facilities.
  • Must be mounted on the sidewalk-side of the pole (i.e., away from — not overhanging — a street).
  • Must attach using a band-style clamp.
  • Must be breathable. Vinyl banners must be vented.

For more details about this process, contact our team online.