Disease management programs

Your Anthem Nurse

Your Anthem Nurse is a service available to all employees and dependents enrolled in the company’s medical plan, which offers various health care management programs. Your Anthem Nurse is a one-family nurse model, establishing a primary point of contact for the household. The nurse assigned to you and/or your covered dependent(s) works with an entire team of medical and health professionals, including an MD, pharmacist, behavioral health expert and social worker.

Your Anthem Nurse will help you navigate the health care system and manage your complex health care needs. This service is provided directly to members with health issues or as requested by members who need guidance about their health. Members may receive a phone call from someone on the Your Anthem Nurse team following certain medical conditions (recent diagnosis), experiences (inpatient hospitalization) or multiple ER visits, just to name a few. However, employees and dependents also can contact an Anthem Nurse directly by calling 877-750-6062.

You also can find the Member Services number, along with additional services offered by Anthem, on the back of your Anthem insurance card.


LiveHealth Online

The LiveHealth Online program offers a live video consultation with board-certified doctors via computers, tablets and smart phones. LiveHealth Online is ideal for college students and those traveling and has earned high satisfaction scores among individuals who have used the service. For more information, visit https://www.livehealthonline.com/.