Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Empowering a better customer experience with more tools and features — and no added costs.

Project background

The Kentucky Public Service Commission recently approved our request to fully deploy Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) which includes the installation of new, advanced meters for our more than 1.3 million customers.

What’s an advanced meter?

Advanced meters give customers more timely information on their energy use. Customers can access a customized online dashboard that can help them track and compare their energy usage by day, week, month or year.

While most meters record a running total of the energy used, an advanced meter can record energy usage data in 15-, 30- or 60-minute increments. Generally, the meter will communicate this usage information to LG&E and KU’s data network system several times a day.

No additional cost

AMI will allow us to build the foundation to expand on the exceptional service we provide to our customers. We’re excited about the prospects of bringing you more tools and services.

The total cost of AMI will be offset by the savings that will occur with reductions in the cost of meter reading, service requests, outage management and other automated functions that will be implemented over time.

Detailed and personalized energy usage data

As AMI meters get installed our customers will gain access to detailed and personalized energy usage data, tools to actively manage their energy usage, and tailored recommendations that can save them money. Additionally, we’ll be working hard over the next 5 years to integrate AMI with our existing systems to make our operations more efficient which will improve the customer experience in important areas like outage response.

Project status

Now that we’ve received approval from the Kentucky Public Service Commission to fully deploy AMI across our service area, our project team is ramping up and planning for the full deployment of advanced meters.

For our customers, we are planning a phased installation of approximately 1.3 million advanced meters that will begin in the fall of 2022 and continue through 2025. We’ll be updating this website regularly with more information as the project advances, in addition to directly communicating with each customer the details and timing of our installation schedule for the communities we serve.

In the meantime, please view our Frequently Asked Questions section to learn more about AMI and its many benefits for customers.  

Technician installing an advanced meter

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Advanced Metering Infrastructure?

We’re glad you asked! Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) incorporates two-way communicating advanced meters which support automated meter reading, faster connection of electric service, and provide information to help us reduce outages and respond more quickly when there is an outage.

What is an advanced meter?

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