Treat flammable liquids with care for the safety of you and your family

The fact of the matter is that flammable liquids are simply a part of being a homeowner. Cleaning solvents, gas for the lawn mower, paint thinner, etc., are all common flammable liquids that, if not stored properly, can become quite dangerous. A few simple rules will help you avoid a potentially serious – or even fatal – incident.

  • Proper containers are a must – Never store flammable liquids in inappropriate containers (such as a milk jug). Use only approved safety cans that are clearly labeled as flammable liquids containers.
  • Child safety is paramount – Never store flammable liquids within reach of children.
  • Some places are better than others – It’s best not to store flammable liquids in any main rooms of your home. Keep them in the basement, the garage or an outdoor storage shed.
  • Vapor awareness is very important – Certain plumbing fixtures and appliances must have their burners or pilot lights installed at least 18 inches off the ground. Otherwise, vapors from flammable liquids could travel across the floor and ignite.

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