Hole, hole, hole! Merry 811 day!

Friday, Aug. 11, is National 811 Day (8/11, get it?), a yearly reminder that – for safety purposes – you should contact 811 before starting any project that requires digging. Contacting 811 is the law, and it can potentially save you from an expensive repair bill and/or a serious injury or even death.

At least two business days before starting your project, contact 811 to submit your request for marking the lines on your property, which is a free service. Member utilities, including us, will let you know when they have completed marking any underground cables or pipelines on your property. 

Remember that some underground lines – private lines – are not marked by 811 services. Examples of these private lines are electric or water lines to a pool, lines to septic tanks, electric lines to sheds, gas lines to a grill, or landscape lighting, lawn sprinkler systems, invisible pet fences, etc. Basically, if the utility is installed from the meter to another location on your property, it will not be marked.

Learn more about safe digging.

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