Electric vehicles

We work with customers who purchase an electric vehicle to make sure we're meeting their needs and check if they may require modifications to the electric service feeding their home or business. We also continually assess how changes in customers' electric usage might impact our system.

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Before purchasing an electric vehicle

If customers are interested in purchasing an electric vehicle, we encourage them to first check with the vehicle manufacturer and have their home or business inspected by a licensed electrician to ensure their property’s interior wiring and infrastructure can support any specific charging requirements.

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Electric vehicles in Kentucky

According to the Electric Power Research Institute, over 1800 plug-in electric hybrid vehicles and battery electric vehicles have been registered in the state of Kentucky since 2010. Though they represent only a small portion of the total number of registered vehicles in Kentucky, the purchase and use of electric vehicles in Kentucky is increasing.

Fueled by public demand, government support, and increased availability, electric vehicle adoption continues an upward trend in Kentucky and throughout the country.